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44. Astrological Alchemy: Charting Your Path To Transformation With Astrologer Yael T.W.

October 02, 2023 High Vibe Mindset
High Vibe Mindset
44. Astrological Alchemy: Charting Your Path To Transformation With Astrologer Yael T.W.
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This episode I am joined by certified astrologer Yael T. W. who shares mind-blowing insights on how astrology actually works (way beyond your sun-sign). 

In this episode we dive into...

  •  in-depth astrology chart reading and its practical application in daily life.
  • Yael's journey to becoming an astrologer, from early fascination with astrology to her eventual transformation into a certified astrologer and writer.
  • addressing the limitations of generic horoscopes and emphasizing the importance of a personalized astrological reading for meaningful insights.
  • utilizing astrology to focusing on understanding individual needs aligning with one's purpose and potential.
  • The significance of embodying one's true self and how it positively impacts interactions with others and attracts appropriate circumstances.

Ready to be an alchemist with your astrological birth chart as your guidebook? We are here to transmute pain into power, to live our hero's journey, and to experience life deeply and learn the meaning of love. 

In a metaphorical or symbolic sense, alchemy represents any transformative process or practice aimed at creating positive change or growth. This broader interpretation encompasses personal growth, spiritual development, or any endeavor where something less desirable is transformed into something valuable or noble. Let's live magically. Evolve with us! 

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[00:00:00] I'm super pumped for this episode because I have on an amazing astrologer EIL on this episode. And I've probably mentioned here and there on the podcast how I love astrology, but now you guys get to learn a little bit more why and what astrology actually is. the misconceptions about astrology and how to actually apply it into your day to day life.

Yael is so full of wisdom and she It's so good at translating the information on your astrological chart in a way that is so easy to follow and understand and that would really make an impact in your life. Like honestly, if I met her three years ago, [00:01:00] wow, that would be such a blessing because it would have been so much easier.

But that's okay. We're embracing our path and our journey and our lessons. Gael is a Deborah Silverman certified astrology, a writer, teacher, mother, and soul partner. Even though she had been fascinated by astrology since childhood, her early life hardships drove her to seek financial security. She became a certified public accountant, a CPA.

And after 12 years of leading a successful financial career, she realized her spirit wasn't content. She was continuously searching for answers in Buddhism, occultism, meditation, and yoga. And then in 2009, she left her comfort zone of the financial industry. And for a few years she was traveling the world studying and teaching spiritual disciplines.

And then in 2013 is when she met Deborah Silverman for an in person astrology reading that changed her life. A few months after that session with Deborah, her dreams started manifesting one after another. She met the [00:02:00] love of her life, her magical son was born, and she became an astrologer and writer that she always wanted to be.

She moved to live to Asheville, North Carolina, and in 2022 became one of 20 astrologers to receive the Deborah certification and started teaching at her school. Through her experience as an astrologer and working with hundreds of people from various backgrounds, she found that there were some themes that repeat for all of us, regardless of the exact position of the planets in our birth charts.

She's currently in the process of summarizing these themes in her book Planetary Balance for a Wholesome Life. The book teaches how the planet's energies relate to our human experience and how to bring these energies into a healthy balance. And we talk a little bit about this book, too, and explain why it's so awesome, and I can't wait for it in the episode, so make sure that you stick around to the end, and you'll better understand how the planet's energies can [00:03:00] relate to our experience, and how that can be a really good reflection tool for us.

All right, let's dive into the episode. I would love to hear your journey on how you became an astrologer. Hi Melissa. First of all, thank you so much for hosting me here. I love your show and I connect with your approach on so many things in so many levels. And I hope to get into it when I'm going to look a little bit into your chart today, which is going to be exciting.

Um, so great question. How did I become an astrologer? Um, like everything else. you know, that is really good. It wasn't like a direct path. I was fascinated by astrology since I was a child. I, my dad loved to read books about everything in the world. So we had some astrology books in [00:04:00] our library, even though no one in my family was into astrology, but I immediately got connected with the books and started learning.

And I learned a lot about the sun signs and Throughout my life, every time I met someone, I would always, you know, inquire about their signs and I would guess their signs and I would start seeing how, you know, I had periods of times when I just dated cancers or period of times that I just befriended.

Virgos. It was just like every time there was a theme of people that, you know, like a certain type of people, a certain sign that came into my life and was like really significant during this time. And And I was, I really wanted to study astrology, but I was also very practical. I came from, I had a 12 years career as a CPA, a [00:05:00] certified public accountant.

I managed information systems, my family, they're all like bankers and, you know, like, uh, programmers and it's. like really like tech industry. So becoming an astrologer was like, you know, like it felt a little too woo woo. So there was always something that blocked me until in 2013 I met my teacher Deborah Silverman for an in person reading.

I had, we had a mutual friend, he connected us and then I saw her and I was like, Hmm, she looks cool. I can be like her. And then, you know, we had a session, it was at her home and it totally transformed my life. It was so powerful because she brought me back to myself. She taught me about aspects of myself that I completely forgot.

Like to be more [00:06:00] specific, she said, you're very responsible. And I'm like, no, I'm not responsible at that time. I was traveling in the world. I was a yoga teacher. I was teaching, I was studying, I was, I used all the money that I saved through my tech career. All, I broke all my pension funds. I was just like, like really enjoying life, you know, but I was not responsible in any way.

And, and soon it's like, and, and I was, because I studied Ayurveda, I was always under the impression that I was Bhaktapita. This is how they categorized me, which means air and fire. And I was sure it was very fiery. And then Debra said, no, you don't have any fire. And she connected me with my real authentic self, which is so much.

Earth and water and air and actually fire was my missing element that I really needed to [00:07:00] cultivate. So once I started becoming myself and aligned with who I really was, everything started to unfold. I met the love of my life. We had, we got married, we had a child, you know, we got a house, we moved to the States, I became an astrologer, I became a writer.

So everything happened. I, it took me a little time to go and study astrology at Deborah's school because after I met my husband, we had like three years of fertility and then my My son was born and I really wanted to be with him. But as soon as my son was a year and a half old, I was like, okay, that's my time.

And I started learning and I did the school. So I became a full time astrologer 2019 and I became a Deborah Silverman certified astrologer. In 2022 and we're only like there now, I think [00:08:00] 21 or 22 certified astrologers. So that's really like a prestige, um, certification to get and I'm very proud of it.

. Is she a Vedic astrologer? No, no. Our astrology is, is, uh, western astrology. Okay. It's is western isic astrology, which means that we focus on the soul. Mm-hmm. we see. You know, like every one of us came here to evolve in a certain way. We see challenges as gifts, you know, so it's like a different approach than the traditional materialistic astrology that evolved through centuries of astrologers advising royal families.

Okay, yeah. , it's really funny because when you were sharing your story, I felt a lot of similarity and connection of always liking astrology, but also not [00:09:00] really taking any stock into it because You know, you, I'd always have fun reading the horoscopes, but then sometimes they felt accurate.

Sometimes they didn't, sometimes they resonate, sometimes they don't. But when you really study it, this is what I want listeners. Yeah, that's why I'm so excited for this episode. When you actually sit down and study astrology and study your birth chart, then it has amazing information. And a lot of insights, so you can learn yourself, learn your strengths, learn your weaknesses.

Um, and it sounds like in that first reading, that's what you were able to see. So what were some of the, you shared a little bit of some of the insights from that first reading. What were some of the other just like mind blowing insights that you've learned from your own chart, from studying your chart?

What are some things that really stood out to you? So much. But first of all, I'd like to respond to what you said about the [00:10:00] horoscopes in the newspaper. Not astrology guys. I want you all to listen and understand that this is not astrology because it's not that it's, you know, it's, it doesn't come from thin air.

There is a reason why they say what they say in these horoscopes, but they don't take under consideration your personal influences. They only refer to your sun sign and the sun is just one piece of the puzzle. It's a, it's a meaningful piece. It's an important piece, but it's just one out of 10 planets in, and you have the rising sign and you have your mid heaven and you have, so, so a lot of things can happen personally to you that can counter.

Completely, the influence that they write in the horoscope, so you can't really refer to it. Another thing is that there are a lot of doom and gloom [00:11:00] interpretations out there and, and a lot of, you know, even today when I read, I, I just talked with, you know, my, my colleague and, and I even wrote about it that right now I'm going through a transition where Neptune in the sky.

Conjunct Mars in my chart and that like the interpretation, the traditional interpretation in one of the major astrological websites that me and all my colleagues use for charts. It's like, it's, it's, and it's two and a half years influence. It says, don't do anything. anything, nothing that you'll do will succeed.

You won't have energy. Your energy will be low. You're, you're just, you know, you're just, don't try to expand yourself in any way. You're, you're destined for a failure. And that is like, no way. You cannot write things like that. You cannot, because first of all, [00:12:00] it's not true. It's not the true interpretation.

As I see it, Neptune is a planet of soul connection. And Mars is the planet of action. So if your soul, if your actions are aligned with your soul, and if you're creative, Neptune is also a creative, so if you're acting, you know, in a way that is not aligned with your soul and is not creative, then yes, maybe it will be more challenging for you, but So this interpretation is really out of line.

So that's what I really wanted to say that, you know, these horoscopes and everything you read online, don't, you know, take it always with a grain of salt and even to, , because it's not astrology. Anything like that, that's too extreme or giving just one. I like when things are more open ended. If it's like, this is the only thing that you can do or should do, or this is the only way it's going to look.

It's usually wrong because there are so many [00:13:00] factors. And same thing when I think of Neptune, cause like any planet or any person or anything out there is going to have the light and the dark. So it's like, okay, maybe, , there could be a warning of. Maybe things are a little more kooky or creative or chaotic and maybe be careful or the weird things now, I guess, with, , Libra and Mars, right?

So it's like maybe communication can be a little different, but we don't have to be afraid. It's just, you know, it helps us be a little bit more, um, critical in our awareness and thinking of, oh, let me watch out for this or let me watch out for that. But I believe there's also always the high side. Like there's.

You know, the high side of Neptune of great things can happen, you know, why would we just isolate at home and do nothing? We can't do that. Who can do that if they have to go to work? No, no. And, and yes, there is always a high road and low road. You're right. And speaking of Neptune, to answer [00:14:00] your question about other things that I learned from my chart is that I learned that I had four planets.

My son and three other planets are in the 12th house and the 12th house is a very spiritual house and it's the house of wanting. It's, it's a Piscean house. So basically I learned that I was a Piscean. I was a Pisces in the sky. I didn't know that before and it, it made so much sense. It made, it explained me why I was so empathic, why my sun energy was low because I tended to, this is the, the challenge of Pisces, the challenge of the 12 houses that you tend to blend and merge your energy.

with other people. You don't really know because you are so connected to your soul and you are so you know, like you, you sometimes you want to escape this world because you want to get back to being just a [00:15:00] soul. It was so much easier without a body, right? Without pain. , and, and there is the tendency to, to extend yourself and not knowing how to be here for yourself, embodying this life form as being living in a body.

And, and I needed to learn that, but I had to understand. that I had this tendency that I tended to merge my energies with other people and take on their stories and take on their suffering and mix them with my own stories and my own suffering. And then when I, when I learned that I needed to strengthen my sun energy, and this is part of the things I write about in my book.

In my book, I talk about the planets and what their energies and how they manifest in our lives. So, sun energy means that you, you know, to keep yourself to yourself, like, you know, the [00:16:00] boundaries between yourself and other, you have a healthy, healthy sun energy is having a healthy sense of self. Okay. And then when you have strong neptune energy, like having neptune rules, the 12 house, it is harder.

You need to work on cultivating these sun energies so that you have a very healthy self. And, and yeah, that, that was a big, big, big understanding for me. And my son has five planets in the 12 house. Wow. It's a lot. Like it's really, and it's a trademark. There is even a Facebook group that is all about the 12 house.

It's like a house that was completely misunderstood for centuries. 12 house were considered crazy. And, and like, , , they saw things that people, other people didn't see, that I had, you know, like, , dreams that I foresaw the future [00:17:00] in my dreams. I foresaw my mom's death at a very young age.

I dreamt things that scared me a lot and I didn't know how to deal with them, but as soon as I understood, this is the, I have, I also have a very strong Pluto that, that is also connected to like very deep, intense dreams and in general deep, intense life experience. But the understanding of the 12th house was, was really significant to understanding why I was a little weird.

That's a great lesson. So learning how to be less selfless and strengthen your sense of self, , something that you learn from your chart. . So what are some examples of? How people can utilize their chart day to day, like what are some of those ways that you've used your own chart reading and, or you help [00:18:00] others, , questions they might have tough situations that come up 

if anyone goes and pulls up their chart on a website, I'm sure they're going to be like, I don't understand what's going on. Which, you should book an astrologer. Yeah, when you look at the chart, at first, if you don't have the education, it looks very confusing.

But in our school, I also teach at Debra's school, and we're just in the beginning of the semester, the fall semester. We really make it practical and very easy to understand the gist. We take it and , we, this is why Debra is so genius because she made it very simple. It can be very overwhelming if you look at it.

There is so much, but our school is not about. Dropping and overloading with you in with information and this is not how our readings go as well, , like I know people who come to me and they go to astrologers sometimes they they get a lot of information like, but then they don't [00:19:00] know like, okay, so what do I do with it.

So. When people come to read with me, usually I try to understand what doesn't work in their life right now. Usually when people come, sometimes they come just out of curiosity, but, , life is challenging and we all have our, , little, even if our life is great, you know, there is always, something that we want and we don't have, something that we aspire to, something that doesn't work well.

So, so I try to work with them and understand what motivates them to come. Sometimes they know, sometimes they don't, you know, and we try to understand what doesn't work in your life, the way you want it. And then we can find What in their chart, , how does it speak with their chart and, and give them practical advice on how to work with the situation according to their personality, because we're all different, , [00:20:00] some people and, and you talked about this too, , like our values, you talked about our values, what do, what do we value and we each value different things and we're each structured different.

We all have different needs. Yeah. And that I can see from our moon, , for every one of us need different things for our well being. Some people need a very, , loyal, intense relationship. Some people need a lot of freedom in their relationship. Some need both, you know, sometimes just understanding our inner conflict, for example, can be very helpful if , like people who are looking for love and they, and they date, but they don't know, like,.

Do I seek freedom or do I seek intimacy? Like what is important for me? And then every time it's like it's the other person that triggers something in them and then they present themselves every time in a different way instead of understanding, okay, I have this inner conflict. I need both intimacy and freedom.

How [00:21:00] can I get both? And how can I present It's to the other people, person, like when we embody ourselves, when we're in line with ourselves, we present ourselves to the world in a way that is more understandable and the world understand, okay, this is what you need. So no problem. I'll get it to you. And then we start attracting the right people in the right circumstances into our life.

So it's all about, I help people understand like Debra helped me, , when she told me you're responsible. When she told me I don't have fire and I have water. You know, and I'm very spiritual. It helped me understand who I was. I help people understand who they are and it makes them excited about life again because oftentimes, , like, especially as we age, we lose the excitement.

We're like, okay, here I am. , maybe I have a relationship. Maybe I don't have a relationship. Maybe I, , like I have this job or maybe I don't. And it's just like, , okay, this is what the [00:22:00] world has to offer me. It's boring, , and then I open up their opportunities and, and I, and we explore together.

And we also talk, I talk a lot about. Their career purpose and life purpose in general and what their soul chose in this life and what is their evolution. So so yes, it's understanding the gifts and the challenges and but it's very applicable like at the end of the session, it can be like, , I give you homework and I tell you,, for one person, the homework can be you have to organize your finances.

Because you're, you're, you don't have earth, you're, you're in a mess and in chaos, and then you can't be creative. , sometimes it would be, you have to, you have to do something and be bold and say something, , and, and, and speak up and become more, , more independent in your relationship.

Sometimes it can be very different, various aspects, but it's very practical. . , [00:23:00] when you were mentioning thinking that you were fire and then learning that you're more earth and water, it makes me think of the conditioning because I'm just thinking for myself to like all the ways that I think I'm a certain way, or I think I have certain characteristics or I want certain things and then you do it and there's so much resistance that drains you.

It's so challenging, but it might just be a period of time you're in and you're trying it on for whatever reason because you're conditioned by it. Your spouse, or your friends, or your parents, or your boss, , but that's why I really like astrology as well. This tool to help you slow down and really sit with yourself and reflect.

And maybe at first, like when you had that experience of Deborah telling you, no, you're not fire. It might be shocking because you're like, what? But that's what I. Thought that's how I feel. That's what I [00:24:00] assume. But what did you notice? What, why do you think you thought you were fire and how are you noticing that you're really not like fire and you do have more of the earth and the water instead of the fire, why do you think that happened?

Yeah, first of all, yeah, let me also respond to what you said because it's very important to understand because some people can say, well, understanding my chart is also conditioning, like you're going to tell me something about myself and this is going to condition me. So no, the idea of a chart reading is not to condition you.

The chart only shows us potential. And when we understand the whole purpose of doing a reading and understanding our chart is that we can liberate ourselves from the limitations in our chart so that if I don't have fire, it doesn't mean that I need to live without a fire. It just tells me that I need to cultivate fire and I need to be really aware of my fire situation.

Fire means [00:25:00] moving energy. So I need, it's really important for me, like I, I am a writer, you know, and I'm an astrologer and I can be all day until, you know, like writing in front of my laptop and, and, and working and, and doing astrology sessions and doing another workshop, going to, to move my body. is not natural for me.

This is not having fire. Okay. So this also answers your question. Fire is people who are fiery. They need to move. This is their first priority. Like if they don't go to do to exercise, to do a yoga class, they, they just, you know, It's not, it's not conceivable for them because they want it for me. I need to make sure I love my yoga classes.

I really do, but it's not natural for me like to, to really, it was hard for me to find the right teacher and the right [00:26:00] classes. And it has to be exactly that. And if my teacher is away, I'm not going, you know, it's like. A fiery person would be like, okay, I'll go, I'll hike, I'll climb, I'll do this, I'll do that, you know, I'll find another class.

I don't care. For me, it has to be, and it has to be spiritual, this 12th house, you know, it has to be spiritual because if it's not spiritual, I'm not interested. So it's, it's this. Understanding that for me, moving energy, working with my body, going outside is not, I can be home all week, not go, okay. And then I was like, no, you have to get up and go and take a walk around the block and come back.

You need to move your energy. This is important for you. This is important for me, for my wellbeing. And when I, when I'm like that, you know, and when I do that, my situation is. So much better. And then I don't have limitations anymore. Yeah, [00:27:00] I love that. And one thing I really love about the human design community, which is it uses aspects of astrology.

It's a totally different system. But one thing that they really stress and say is you know, view it as an experiment. This is not a rule. This is not a religion. This is not anything like that. It's experiment with it, use it as you see fit. Use it as it's helpful. , give it a try, really test it out.

So I see astrology the same way when you're reading your chart and you're learning these things about yourself, give it a test, ? And see, that's what I do with astrology. I tested out. I'm like, okay, well, my charts kind of indicating this could be a strength. So let's see. And then I tried that out and I'm like, Oh yeah, I feel so much better.

Like, wow, that is so aligned for me. So that's what I would encourage for other people as well. . So that we can move away from seeing it as conditioning or it's a rule [00:28:00] and. All those ways that we can get really wrapped up and maybe some sort of dogma around it, but really just seeing at a seeing astrology as an experiment.

Yes. And, and, and see what we can learn from it. And as I said, you know, like challenges in our system are a gift. So if, you know, for example, I have Pluto squaring my sun and my moon, and that means that I really had to go through the hard aspects of myself. I really had to look in the eyes at all my shadows.

and go very deep. I had to experience a big depression in my life to, to really like dissolve everything that I thought I knew. This is the transformation, the transformative life. You have, you have it too. You have a very strong Pluto in your chart to conjunct your moon in, in Scorpio [00:29:00] on your childhood.

So So you had that too. You, and you, you talked about this inner struggle that you go through every day. You know, this is part of it. It's like, this is asking you to not struggle with the dark side. It's actually like you want to go deep. It's like going in the, in the tower. They have this underworld, right?

You, you are thrown from the tower and then you have to meet the devil. You meet, you have to meet these like really spooky creatures that are part of ourselves. We have to meet our own devil. We have to meet our own darkness. in order to come back to light. And that's, that's the process for me. The more I allow myself to, to really delve into the, the hard aspects, the, the ugly aspects of my thoughts, of my emotions, you know, to really be [00:30:00] able to admit them to myself and to others and be more vulnerable and expose myself, then It, it becomes a power, it empowers me and, and then like if you have strong Pluto in your chart, I always say this is a, um, an aspect of a Jedi.

It's the Jedi that goes and fights the inner evil aspect of themselves so that they can become. It's not that, you know, like we always have a dark part of us. We all have jealousy, hatred, frustration, pain. You know, we all carry these aspects in ourselves. No one is clean. No one. The people who claim that they're clean, that they're Sattvic, these are the people who are then accused of sexually harassing their students.

Yeah. That's right. Yep. [00:31:00] This is not, this is the opposite. This is like saying, I'm clean, I'm white, I'm Sattvic, I'm enlightened, but you're not. And then. You are, you're doing, you have to, to take all this darkness that you have inside of you and you're not willing to acknowledge it and not willing to embrace it.

And then it comes in very distorted ways. But if you're able to embrace your dark, like, and I, and I find it, this is the one thing that I find that it's. The biggest problem of our world today, because we have come, we, we become, became so spiritual, right? Like we're all very spiritual. Everyone knows a little bit Buddhism.

Everyone knows a little bit of yoga. Everyone practices meditation, you know, like we're all, but what happened Is that we, we, we learned that we can be happy [00:32:00] if we change our mind, right? If we stop, you know, like we can work on our mind, we can, the fourth noble truth of the Buddhism. They talk about We all is suffering, but if you, you, you have a reason, there is a reason for the suffering and you can work on releasing yourself from suffering.

And then we're all like, okay, I released myself from suffering. And then we suffer. And it's like, what is wrong with me? What am I not doing? Right. We're still blaming ourselves. So it's not only that we suffer, we also think that something is wrong with that as we haven't applied all the, you know, the.

teachings properly, but this is not how it works. We, seriously, I don't know what the Buddhists, you know, refer to when they talked about releasing from suffering, but either they talked about a process that happens like, you know, tons of reincarnations you can get there, or, you know, they talked about a concept, but I think You know, [00:33:00] most of the teachers that I studied with in Tibetan Buddhism, they talk about when you think you can get enlightenment, enlightened, you're already not in the right path.

The idea is that we need to understand that suffering is part of life. Yeah, that negative thoughts are a part of life, that negative emotions are a part of life, and as long, if we don't accept them as part of our being and really embrace them and see the beauty in them instead of rejecting them and trying to change them to something else.

Oh, I didn't think this thought. Oh, let's think about something positive. You know, let's think about, and it happens all the time. All the time. It's like to really be in the anxiousness. It's not pleasant, right? It's really unpleasant. But until we're willing to be in this [00:34:00] unpleasant place. We will not get anywhere.

Yeah, so powerful. And this is, I think, such an important topic and lesson and something that I've tried so many different things. I've had an eating disorder. I've tried all the positive manifestation gurus and the think positive toxic. Positivity people, and none of that helps, you know, and it's just not reality.

It's pretty delusional because things are outside of our control. And that just is what life is. Like you said, like there's just gonna be challenges. There's just gonna be ups and downs. And I think that's why astrology and a lot of these ancient teachings, even mythology, like it really helps because it shows those archetypes and it shows like, yes, there's going to be moments where you feel like you're in hell, literal hell, and you're fighting demons and horrible things are happening.

And it's true. You [00:35:00] can be fighting addictions. You can be. Going through a divorce, like grieving the loss of a loved one. These things are going to happen. , and we can't just think positively our way through it. We have to process the emotions, alchemize it, transform the pain into power. It's. It's the only thing we can do, , it's the only way really it's, it's all we can do and we should do that.

And it, and there is actual beauty and power and love and doing that easier said than done. Right. But finding the way to sit with the pain and embrace the pain and kind of create art through it. That's been my journey. Really. I've always loved art and different artists and different musicians and people who are able to do that and really are vulnerable and share, , all the crap that they are going through, but turn it into something that helps other people through their art.

[00:36:00] Incredible. Because can I speak about your chart? Yeah. Yeah. So, so first of all, you have a chart of an artist. There is no doubt that you came here to be an artist because you have Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Libra. So it's not just your Sun in Libra. It's not just your Sun sign. You have three planets Libra.

So when, when you look at art, okay, the, the artistic creative signs, There are, as we said, Pisces, there are Libra, Taurus, that both Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty, okay, and Leo, which is super creative. And you have, oh, three of them. You have three planets in Libra, which is super creative.

You have, your moon is in Scorpio, we'll talk about that. Then you have, you're a star. Ascendant in Leo, okay, which is super creative and your Midheaven, your career purpose is in Taurus. [00:37:00] So, so this is a typical chart of an artist. Okay, you came here to create, but what do you create? Then we go to your moon and your moon with Pluto on it.

Like we said, it's very deep. So it goes deep. So you're looking and it's all about healing. Like for your wellbeing, you need to be a healer. You need to heal yourself and you need to heal others through your understanding of yourself. So, so it's like you do an alchemy of everything you learn and then you come up with your philosophy which also comes out through your Jupiter.

So you also have Venus, the goddess of beauty, on your ascendant. Okay, so Venus on your ascendant in the first house makes Venus the goddess of aesthetic and beauty and art very dominant. Your in your chart. So, so Venus is the queen of your chart. Mm-hmm. , basically she rules all your chart [00:38:00] and then Jupiter makes it spiritual, it makes it about philosophy and it's in Virgo, so it's like, I need to structure, create, um, a belief system, a philosophy.

This is what you work on. And then this philosophy, the very structured, very earthy, down to earth philosophy, Jupiter, On your ascendant in Virgo goes to heal people to help people transform. This is your moon with Pluto. Awesome. Yeah. It's funny because it's kind of like I knew all of this intuitively when I was younger, or I was just doing it.

I was writing fiction. I was in creative writing. I was collaging all the time. I was, I wanted to do a clothing line. I was designing shirts and selling it at school. But like I've said in [00:39:00] my podcast, and like you brought up, I always struggled with just insecurity, imposter syndrome, just blocks, I don't know, fear of success, fear of failure, just a lot of fears and self doubt, um, and definitely really strong negativity bias.

So no matter if friends were buying stuff and I was in the newspaper and whatever recognition was happening. I couldn't recognize myself. I just, it wasn't enough. I'm like, I still felt like, well, it's not really going to go anywhere. Well, I can't really actually do this. Oh, I'm not good enough. So I would quit a lot of things when I was younger, quit, restart, quit, restart.

And when it was time to go to college, just basically did a 180 and was like, well, what's going to make money? So when it's aviation, I'm like, oh. You know, I passed it, but I'm like, it's not active enough. I can't just sit here, you know, I don't know. It was not the right decision. Then it was kind of like, instead of going by [00:40:00] intuition, then it was just like shots in the dark.

And my eating disorder really, I think, took the wheel as well. And I'm like, I'm going to go into nutrition. That's the thing. Okay. That's what I need to do. Nutrition, science, health care. So that's where I ended up spending. You know, basically the next 10 years in that field and there's parts of it I really like because I was able to kind of take the parts I wanted not have to go straight to clinical and work with whoever I got to take the parts and and Help people eat more intuitively and embrace food and work on body image and aligned, you know, and even in this podcast, starting this podcast, everything was about nutrition and intuitive eating.

But I've been on this, I read the artist's way book and I've been on this journey of self discovery and getting into astrology and human design. [00:41:00] And it's funny because that's exactly what validates it. Not only astrology, but personality tests. Sometimes people say, well, personal. Personality tests are a little more scientific or more accurate because you're answering questions, right?

And I've had validation from, say, Myers Briggs or the Enneagram or the DISC, which is the career one. Which have all pointed to art and these certain things but my astrology chart like you guys heard says the same thing so why is Astrology doubted that's my question, right? Cuz I'm like the more I learn about it.

I'm like that's pointing out I mean, it's just as accurate. It's crazy Yeah, it's very powerful. And you know, sometimes we don't understand we don't understand ourselves. Yeah, you know how Sometimes, you know, I was just writing, I'm writing now the Mars chapter of my book, and I wrote about my own sexual past.

And as I was writing it, I, I, there [00:42:00] was like a big aha moment of like what I did subconsciously to myself. That, you know, like that I repressed all my sexuality from a very young age because it made me, it terrified me. Okay, this is Pluto. Okay, it's so wild. It's so strong. It's so intense that you're freaked out and you're like, I don't want this.

And then you take it, you, you. And then I, I made it to myself. And then for a decade, I walked in the world and thinking that there was something wrong with myself because I couldn't orgasm, but I did it to myself. And only now in my fifties, I can reflect back on it and see how it was my own doing, but someone would, would answer, you know, if, if me.

20, 30, 40 years ago would answer these questions. You know, I wouldn't know. Yeah. I wouldn't, I would answer from the perspective of what I knew back then. Yeah. You know, I wouldn't be able to tell you, yes, [00:43:00] I'm actually super sexual. I just, you know, I just hide it. But when you go to an astrology reading and you know, you can see.

You know, what is happening? You can see that my Mars is in Pisces in the ninth house and I am supposed to be sexually wild. Yeah. You know, it's like, so when we go to astrology, you know, that Carl Jung was an astrologer and he said that until psychology will not embrace astrology, it will become a dinosaur science because through astrology, you know, people come to me and they're like, I can't believe it.

I've been working with a therapist for years. And we didn't come up to that, you know, and Sally, because, because we cut through a lot of bullshit. Yeah. You know, to tell ourselves. We lie to ourselves for sure. And then it, it exposes something. So, you know, in my, what I'm doing right now. In my book, I [00:44:00] am writing from the perspective of the planet.

It, it has nothing to do with your chart. So you don't have to understand your chart to read my book. You don't have to know where your planets are because what I'm saying is that there are some repeating themes for all of us, regardless of where our planets are. But the understanding of the planetary energy And how to bring it into a healthy balance.

It's really helpful for everyone and that we all need to go through all the planets because as you said, you know, there are, there are periods in our lives that we have different influences. This is another gift of astrology. When we learn to understand the cycles that we go through, okay, then we can understand, okay, right now, for example, you are in a Capricorn cycle.

You're 12 years, 12 months into Coppercorn [00:45:00] cycle and Coppercorn is on your fifth house, which means that in this period of time, in the last year, and you have another year or year and a half in this cycle, you're very focused on your career and you're very creative. Yep. These are two things that are really strong in, in this period of time, but when you go, when you move into Aquarius.

And the sixth house, it will be more around, you know, you might feel a little more detached. Now you feel like very engaged and very romantic and very passionate. And when you move into Aquarius, you might feel like, you know, you're less passionate, you more, you seek more community, you seek more friendships.

You're not so romantic, you know, and then people were like, freaked out. You're like, what is happening to me? You know, and then you're like, Oh, I understand now I'm in an Aquarius cycle. Now it's time to strategize. Now it's a, and then we help you to [00:46:00] work with your influence in a better way. I am now in a Scorpio cycle.

It can be true. Frightening, you know, you, you have to go deep. I had to work. I have to work with all my childhood wounds. Everything that I haven't finalized yet is coming up and it's like, but when I knew, I knew it was coming. I was ready for it, you know? So, so yes. Um, another thing in your chart. You have four planets in the third house, four planets out of 10, 40 percent of your planets are in the third house.

This is the house of Gemini, the house of the communicator. You are, you're doing a podcast. Okay. This is like you're a master in communication. You came here to communicate yourself with the world. That's amazing. It's funny because I, I, Would not guess that when I was younger, very much anti public [00:47:00] speaking.

And, or it's kind of like that Leo rising of me was really strong as a kid. Could I, cause I would always want to put on little magic shows or performances for my family when I was really young. But then, you know, then I'm like, then I got really shy. I don't want to public speak. I don't want to do presentations, but in grad school.

You have to present constantly and I would do it and you know, I got comfortable with it. I never felt like I did it well, but I would always have people come up to me after like, that was so good. You should be a public speaker. And I'm like, what? No. And the podcast is really because I just love listening to podcasts and I love these conversations.

It's really. It's twofold. Obviously I want to help other people and expose listeners to this type of knowledge, but it's also very personal because. I just want to have the conversation with you. I want to learn from you, you know? [00:48:00] So that's why I'll get over whatever speech thing to do it. And I'll explain it to you.

Because your Midheaven is in Taurus, you're shy. You're publicly shy. Taurus is a shy sign. Oh, I am. Okay? It's not out. It's not, it's not fire. You know, so Taurus pe, people with Meha in TAUs, they don't like having a public persona at all. They like to stay home. Yeah. , this is why for you to have a podcast, and I see even how you promote your pod.

You are behind your podcast. You're not in the front. The podcast is in the front, right? Mm-hmm. , this is your way to be a public speaker, is when you do this, you put this buffer. And you need this buffer because you are shy. Yeah. And isn't that an amazing understanding of yourself, like to understand that, yes, you know, like for me, it's the other way around.

I had to [00:49:00] learn that I have, I, my midheaven is in Aries. I needed, first of all, I needed to cultivate my fire to get there and I need to be bold. I need to be courageous. I need to stand up and speak up, you know, because I, this is, and when I do it, I'm The more I do it, the more I, I, and I need to initiate. I need to do different things.

I need to take my own path. I can't just follow, you know, so it's like I have to do my, my own thing. But for you, you, you seek stability. You seek, and this is why you've been doing this podcast for a long time. You're very committed when you're, when you find what you came here to do and you're aligned with your purpose, which is certainly with this.

third house. You came here to speak. You came here to communicate. You came here to create. You're an artist. You came here to write. Okay. So, but, but you have to be behind. Yeah. Or a podcast, your art, your book, you know, whatever it [00:50:00] will be, you know, it will be like, they will be your, your outer, your public manifestation.

This is why I love if you, even if you have something that feels like Conflicting inside you or in your chart where it's like, oh, the LEO needs the spotlight in the stage or the to, it's like, well, you can find the way around it. You're unique. So maybe if you're all Leo, then great. You're comfortable with completely being, you know, upfront and center stage.

But if you have some confliction there of like, well, part of me wants to be a public persona, but part of me doesn't really want to, then you find your way around it. Right? It's like you look at the whole chart. Exactly. And I can also tell you that Jupiter is coming your way. You have Uranus conjunct your midheaven right now, which means that you can have amazing opportunities right now.

Things can really like, you know, it's a two years cycle that Uranus is [00:51:00] there and it makes you more Um, attracted to astrology, Uranus rules astrology. It makes you more attracted to like science and understanding things and learning new things. And, and like, and it can bring changes as well. Like, you know, and the more you're aligned with your purpose, the changes will be very good, but they can be very surprising.

Like there could be like suddenly like an offer that comes out of the blue, you know, this is a Uranus influence. And then you have Jupiter. We'll be in your 10th house, the house of your career from April next year to May 2025. And this is a very auspicious time for your career. So so this is a great whatever you'll do in your career.

If you need to be bold, if you need to take, you know, to make steps. step forward to enlarge, to increase yourself and expand yourself, this would be an amazing time to do that. Yeah. This is another [00:52:00] thing that really validates astrology for me too, because I have various, I've got like the Chani 2023 astrology guidebook and read it.

It's saying like similar things, right. Related with transits and what Jupiter is doing. And I've had another reading and they're saying the same, so it's like you hear all these little similar things, but I think where people get chirped up with astrology is we still all have our free will and we might get little signs here or little opportunities or little inklings or feelings of like, Oh, I really want to quit this job, or I really want to go do this, launch this podcast, but we have free will, we might not take that opportunity and just because you know, It's a transit where that might help foster that right now.

It doesn't mean that, and it's going to look different for everyone. We don't know what it, how exactly it's going to turn out, right? It's not saying like, this is what's going to happen or you're going to become a millionaire. [00:53:00] It's just saying, okay, like. Utilize the energy utilize this time. This is the stage in your journey in your life where this is your focus of your life right now.

And you can see all the synchronicities and the signs you were probably already thinking like you when you said you're really focused on career. I'm like, Yep, I am. I am really focused on. Career right now and creativity because I quit my job as a dietitian and I'm trying to learn design and I still love Podcasting and I'm just trying to be more creative and make those connections.

So it's it goes really deep guys There's your chart, you know, there's transits. There's all these things. So Yeah, I wanted to ask you I know we're running out of time, but for you day to day How do you, what are like some examples of how you, um, just use astrology in your day to day life? Like, how does that help you?

[00:54:00] Um, you know, it's, I, I live it, I breathe it, it's, you know, it's the way I, I deal with every, everything, you know, in my life. For example, you know, we're moving to a new house and, and I wanted this house, but, you know, it makes me anxious and, and I'm like, you know, like, how is it going to be? What is it going to be like?

You know, it's, it's terrifying. I, first of all, I respect, I understand, you know, I have a cancer rising. You know, and even though I am a Gemini and I love changes and my husband, since he married me, he moved every two years. He moved, he's, his dream is like to find a house where we live 30 years, but I made him move to every two years.

And this is like the Pisces Gemini. It's like, it's constantly changing. So I understand my need for change, but I also can understand my need for a stable home in my cancerizing. And then when I, it's okay, it's [00:55:00] okay to be anxious. It's okay to be afraid. You are such a homey person. Home is everything for you.

Aesthetic is everything for me. So like changing, I, I've done this house that we live in right now, like everything in this house, I decorated. We did a big renovation here. I made it so beautiful. And now it's hard to live, you know, so it's understanding my connection, my, the importance of home for me.

Helps me, you know, every day I wake, I start my day. I light a candle. I light a candle to ignite my fire to remind myself you don't have a lot of fire. You need this extra fire to help you to support you. It reminds me every morning. This is this is a routine. I see that at my computer. And I do that, you know, so it's, it's really accompanying me with every challenge, every, you know, and in, of course, I'm, I'm also writing a book about the planets, about the [00:56:00] human condition, you know, so in my, what, what's coming up from, from my book is that I'm doing an online project that will include a survey.

It will include some questions and then you can answer the question and it will tell you which planet you need to balance and it will give you a a peek into my book on the chapter of this this planet and how I help you you you will get really practical tools of how to balance this planet's energy.

Which is really cool. So it combines the wisdom of astrology with, you know, the, the questionnaires that you talked about that, you know, like I do ask your input to, to understand where you are. Yeah. I'm so excited. I want to get that book for sure when it comes out and. Even just learning about the planets, which I definitely want to learn some more, but I pretty much started my [00:57:00] astrology journey, like learning it at all and listening to podcasts about astrology, right?

When either a little bit right before or during I started my Saturn return and learning about Saturn and you know, you can read things and you can get freaked out or it can be doom and gloom. And I mean, I don't feel knowing my chart more. I'm like, well, all of us, right? We all have all the signs and planets and everything.

So there's a, that's why you might feel a push and pull. But part of me is. Like, okay, yeah, Saturn's important, but a bigger part of me is very creative and chaotic and like, I don't like Saturn. I don't like restriction. I don't like rules. I don't like this. I don't like Saturn's energy, but I decided, like, do I want to have a good Saturn return or a bad Saturn return?

Do I want to feel like I'm, um, Embracing the challenges and getting the lessons [00:58:00] and then getting the reward or do I want to feel like I'm just drowning, you know, so it helped me to just kind of embrace what Saturn is here to do and, you know, try to see the positive of Saturn. It's, I have Saturn on my Sun, so Saturn is super strong and I have Moon in Capricorn.

So this is a very strong Saturn in my chart. When you think about Saturn, think about haiku poems. Hmm. You know haiku poems? Very brief, not me. Sorry. Oh, I said very brief and short to the point which I struggle with. There, there are very, there is a very specific structure that you have to follow, but what does this structure do?

It brings creativity. We need Borders. We need limitations. We need, you know, this is what [00:59:00] I talked about, like, like boundaries between me and the other. We, limitations can be a blessing. You know, a physical body in my book, Saturn relates to the physical body. The body is the biggest limitation we have to deal with, right?

It ages, it dies, you know, it is a limitation. Our soul is eternal. You know, if you believe in it, I believe in it, that the soul is eternal, I believe in reincarnations, you know, the body is a limitation, but it's such a blessing, you know, like we get so much pleasant pleasure out of our body, speaking about sexuality, we get, you know, like how would we, we wouldn't have ourselves.

senses. We wouldn't have our sight and our ability to touch things and to cuddle. I think about cuddling my son. Oh, what a blessing. I wouldn't be able to do it without a body. So thank you for this limitation. Yeah. Yeah. I love looking at it that way. I [01:00:00] love that you shared that. It's, it's such a great way to look at it and it makes me super excited to read your book and all the planets.

Yeah. Awesome. Well, I I want to have you back on in the future because I love this topic. I feel like I have a million questions. We can't get to all of them today, but, um, my last two questions, anything that you wanted to share that you weren't able to share. And then what are some of the tools, resources, routines, practices, things that help you stay high vibe?

Like the question I always ask everyone. Yeah. So, so I think I shared, I think everything that I wanted to share. You are such a great host and know to ask your questions are brilliant. Thank you. And, and I could definitely talk with you for days, I think. Um, the practices, I'll get back to what I said, the main practice is to be [01:01:00] honest about what I really think, what I really feel, not running away from, from heaviness, From negativity, from not trying to, to manipulate my negative thoughts, not trying to accepting my negativity, accepting my darkness, accepting my anxiety, like not trying to change it.

On the contrary, being, staying there, trusting myself that I can deal with anything. And this is empowering. After I, when I feel my anxiety about, you know, like When I, and I started feeling like I'm freaking out from moving at homes, you know, and it's just like, you know, we're staying in the same town.

It's just like a different neighborhood. I chose this house. You know, it's like, I want to this move, you know, and I'm, and I am anxious and it's like, you know, I could tell myself, Oh, you're so ridiculous, but I'm not, [01:02:00] I'm really anxious and that's okay. Yeah. And I have myself and I tell myself, and then, you know, what does it mean to be anxious?

I stay with my body. I feel the anxiousness and then it goes away. Yep. So that's, that's the most important practice. Just be honest. Yeah. That's what astrology is trying to help you to be honest, to be yourself. Yes. I love that so much. . And how can listeners find your website, social media, where can they find you and how can they work with you?

Yeah, so I have a website, it's Yael, my name is Yael, Yaelastrology. com, so you can check it out. It has a lot of basic astrology information and it has a blog I post every week. a blog about the influences of the week and how to work with them. So you can sign up to my newsletter there [01:03:00] and get updates every week about, you know, and with suggestions on how to work with the energies of the week in a constructive way and grow through them.

And soon there is also going to be a really cool freebie that explains you the moon sign. What does your moon sign mean and how, you know, what does it mean about your well, your needs for wellbeing and your emotional needs and your, the way you process emotions and how you express them. So it's really amazing and it's going to really be soon in the website.

And the other place is Instagram. I'm on Instagram, yael. astrology. And yeah, you can find me there. I post lots of, uh, pictures from our hikes in nature. I live in, in North Carolina, in Asheville, in North Carolina. So it's really beautiful here. And, you know, with the post and with, you know, like live sessions and they have guests and [01:04:00] there is a lot of things going on in my Instagram.

So either Instagram or my website and sign up for my newsletter. And then you will also be the first to know when the planetary balance. Survey is going to be in my website and when my book is coming up. . Thank you so much. This has been so great to talk to you and everyone go give her a follow on Instagram and sign up for the newsletter.

Thank you.